Book of the Month

Bill McKibbin’s DEEP ECONOMY is 25% off.


Recently released in softcover this book is one I have made all my friends read. The title is derived from colliding the philosophical notion of deep ecology founded by Arne Naess and promoted by George Sessions and Bill Devall with traditional economics. The mix proves very useful, and hopeful.

In an age where most eco-minded books leave us wondering how we will ever get out of this mess or feeling very very small, this book makes us feel empowered. It tells the stories of many people acting in ways to counter the destruction of the planet. McKibbin, famous for his 1989 book The End of Nature goes deeper into sustainable development than simply showing us individuals achieving great enviromental results, he meets people starting grassroots organizations and calling for the return of the town hall meeting.

McKibbin delights us with his use of the language, empowers us to act and offers hope in a field that could us it. For all these reasons his work is our pick of the month.

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