Through Black Spruce by Joseph Boyden


We know that the book of the month is found at you-know-where. We figure they might be able to get it right from time to time. Boyden is a great author using an interesting format of narrative construction. This is the second of a trilogy, but do not worry no need to read the earlier one (Three Day Road, one of our favorites) to understand this one. If anything Through Black Spruce will make you want to read the earlier one.

The Quill and Quire reviewer Mark Callanan’s thoughts about the book reflected mine. “Boyden is definitely a gifted storyteller. His narrative progresses with practiced ease until, very near the end, it falters in a climax that is pure melodrama – after which, I’m sad to say, the story unravels into a threadbare epilogue: a disappointing finale that does little justice to the rest of the novel.” Which means this guy is good, but young (did he end it to meet an annoying 21st Century imposed deadline that the master of the ending-Victor Hugo- never had to deal with?) and definitely worth reading.

It is rare that I suggest a novel by a living author (or at least one that is still writing) but if you haven’t already read Boyden you need to. Doing so may even rejuvenate your faith in the modern novel.

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