Manhood for Amateurs. Michael Chabon

Manhood For Amateurs. Michael Chabon. In the Argo Catalog.

I picked this book up after finishing a series of poems sparked by the birth of my son. The poems are about what it is like trying to be a father, or simply put a family MAN, after growing up in an age where aggression, excessive strength and many other aspects of the male have been disparaged. I am taught not to hold my feelings to myself, not to act strong all the time, not to act aggressively. But what am I to do when my feelings may hurt someone? Or cause my wife to question her choice? Or compromise my ability to comfort her through a miscarriage? What if someone needs protecting? Pulling out of a river? Well then at those times manliness in the Arnold or Stalone veine are good. The balancing act that is being a man is tricky these days. Manhood for Amateurs is a funny look at the role of dads and the positions they find themselves in. It is a very funny book that anyone with kids will enjoy. It is a light and entertaining read, though it does cover some tough ground such as what happened to Lego and Creativity.

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