Me Talk Pretty One Day. David Sedaris.

Me talk pretty one day. David Sedaris

In a recent meeting I was informed that Mr Sedaris is a big deal. I had heard the name before but never read anything by him. I was given a copy of Me Talk Pretty One Day and told it would be funny enough to make me want to get his other books. While Sedaris can be funny I do not think I will be reading anything else by him.

The voice in the book (is it fictive because the book is tagged as a memoir?) is a person I would never want to share a beer with. The narrator is whinny, tells stories with seemingly no point and feels the occasional bit of humor in a tale is enough to carry a story. The stories in this book offer very little in the way of revelatory moments, depth, inspiration, or reason. They feel desperately unfocused and lack anything resembling charm and serious meaning. The voice failed to grab me or get me on his side in almost every story. I constantly ended a story and thought “So?”

This is one of those books that proves I know nothing about the types of books the majority would like to read. The braggart voice in this leaves me baffled as to how people can read this from cover to cover, let alone love it or purchase more. Towards who is this book directed? Maybe I am just missing something. If you are a big fan of this guy or this book let me know. I would truly like to understand.

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