The Art of Eating In. Cathy Erway. Reviewed

The Art of Eating In. Cathy Erway. In the Argo digital Catalog.
This book came across my desk as a special order of a client of mine. It is the first such book that was interesting enough to catch my eye. It has funky cover art and I am always interested in books about food culture. The premise behind this book is a very simple one, Cathy is fed up of constantly paying for low quality, everyday restaurant eating in New York City. She decides to change her life by not eating out in NYC. So she is going to teach us to cook for ourselves so that we can eat healthy and save money? You might think this is a particularly low level lesson and a rather obvious one. You are right; and yet Mrs. Erway is very charming and I suggest you give her a chance.
Over the course of two years of not eating out the author gets involved in a variety of movements. She learns about underground restaurants that require an invitation, she goes on a few tours with urban scavengers that teach what she can eat that is growing in the parks all around her, tags along with some freegans as they search out their food and enters plenty of cooking contests. Her descriptions of these things is very upbeat and fun. I found myself cheering for her when her bread won the prize, I was on her side.

I am inclined towards people that are suggesting we slow down, in our reading, in our eating, in our interacting with each other and as such I was bound to agree with most of Mrs. Erway’s message. This book will likely make you want to cook something great and invite all your friends over to enjoy it around a big table. That ought to be reason enough to pick up the book and the spatula.

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