On God. An Uncommon Conversation. Norman Mailer.

On God. An Uncommon Conversation. Norman Mailer. In the Argo catalog

Norman Mailer is a novelist and as such deals with the creation of the world and the essence of being humane every day. In this book, a series of conversations with Michael Lennon, Mailer expounds a very anarchic vision of what God is and how God works. Often his voice is annoying and his ideas (bizarrely) lack creativity. Nevertheless, at times he strikes upon a thought that is worth considering.

This is not a book of deep erudition or theological strength. While it does not pretend to be and Mailer is very clear on this point from the opening of the book, I am not entirely sure what I got out of the book nor what anyone else would. I think that the book would really only be interesting to  big fans of Mailer because he explains some of his cosmic beliefs and that could help his fans to understand him.

I read the book to the end because it is not very long and the interview style of it makes it very readable. Overall the book is a let down but it does not take a lot of your time and it might make you think about the metaphor of God as an artist a little longer and harder than you have in the past.

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