Argo Open Mic #2: January 11th @ 8PM!

Hello y’all,

Your friendly neighbourhood bookstore would like to remind you and everyone you know to forget whatever academic, familial and/or professional obligations you may have on January 11th @ 8PM, because the Argo Open Mic is back up and running for its second reading! We hope to see old faces alongside new ones; November’s turn-out was so spectacular, we here at the Argo hope to not just match the last attendance rate, but double it! We want people hanging off the shelves! Climbing on top of each other! Pressing against the display window, all to get an ear-and-eyeful of great local emerging and professional authors!

So, let’s get some orderly anarchy in motion. Single-file, please: Bring your poetry, your prose, your scripts and screenplays, your essays and lectures, your musical talent. Bring your best, bring your worst. I (JP) am personally aiming for fun times with Fetish 23’s Cut-Up Machine, which “[works] along similar principles to those used by Burroughs in his own work”.

As per usual, there’ll be the option to check out some of Concordia and Montreal’s jazz musicians jam at Grumpy’s on Bishop Street afterward.

Remember, that’s January 11th. Doors at 8, readings begin not long afterwards. Make sure you sign the reading list if you want to perform!

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