This Sunday, January 22nd @ 7PM: GG-Winner Richard Greene & the prolific Norm Sibum!

Sunday, January 22nd @ 7PM!

Norm Sibum


Richard Greene

Richard Greene, winner of the 2010 Governor General’s award for English language poetry for his collection Boxing the Compass, will be visiting from Cobourg, Ontario to give a reading at the Argo. Alongside Greene, we’ll have the prolific Norm Sibum, author of more than 15 (that number again, 15+!) poetry collections published in Canada and England.

People, the opportunity to hear from writers as esteemed as Greene & Sibum is too good to pass up:

Aside from his work as a poet, Richard Greene is a biographer, having been commissioned by Time Warner to write a biography of the British poet Edith Sitwell; he’s a critic and professor of English Literature at the University of Toronto; he is the editor of Graham Greene: A Life in Letters (2007), and is a contributing editor to Books in Canada with reviews of contemporary poetry published in numerous journals in Canada and abroad! Check out his Wiki page here (if the blackout is over by now…), and a new poem by Greene here, at the Encore Literary Magazine.

Here’s an excerpt from Greene’s Boxing the Compass (the spacing of which is inaccurate, but the words!…):

whaler out of Nantucket,
the harder sort
who threw the harpoon,
drew warm blood,
made huge death on the open sea.

Came home one year
to find his land fenced
for ecclesiastical uses,
tore it all down,
told the priest to go to hell,
and would do his own praying
after that.”

Now, Norm Sibum: Born in Oberammergau, Germany in 1947, Norm has grown and lived in Germany, Alaska, Missouri, Utah and Washinton. Since 1994, he’s called Montreal home. Founder of the Vancouver Review in 1989 alongside Bruce Serafin, winner of the QWF’s A.M. Klein Award for Poetry for his collection Girls and Handsome Dogs (Porcupine’s Quill, 2002) and author of The Pangborn Defence (Biblioasis 2008) which was short-listed for the same award, Norm has many, many books acting as testament to the devotion of his craft: Check out his CV on his website. For a glance at his work as of late, Norm writes a daily blog entitled Ephemeris, with topics spanning across the literary, the everyday, the historical and political. Here’s one piece from Norm’s Gardens of Interregnum, Canto 20.

I particularly like this line of Norm’s from Girls and Handsome Dogs

I do not know what governs / Our business in this life. / I suspect a tin god speaks / For the old sovereignty of chance.”

Doors @ 7, the show starts shortly after that time.

Free for all, refreshments to be served, and inspiring times to be had.

Hope to see you there!

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