Argo Open Mic #3: February 22nd @ 8PM

A third open mic? A third open mic indeed. We’ve enjoyed filling our little shop with patrons and the voices of readers so much, we figured we’d do it again! Writers, climb out of your primordial apartments of seclusion and introversion, and show us what you’ve been working on in since you began to hibernate this winter. As for the curious: There’s been a great range of readers in terms of style and form so far, and despite the apprehensions one may suppose when thinking of this as a blind grab-bag into the depths of unpredictably miscreantial poems, we’ve had some good times. People have brought poems, yes, but also stories, articles, essays, proclamations delivered from atop our official customer chair, music…:

A good and eager energy to have in the shop.

And it’s always nice seeing folks have a good time over pints and jazz afterwards. So, without further ado, keep us in mind when February 22nd rolls around, and come enjoy the Argo’s Open Mic #3. Doors are at 8PM, and the event will begin shortly after.

Hope to see you there!

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