Book Thug: Literature of the Future

If “BookThug seeks to publish innovative books of poetry, prose and creative criticism that extend the tradition of experimental literature”, then they have succeeded. With a stellar avant-garde/experimental catalogue and a “vision… to enrich and advance the tradition of experimental literature,” BookThug is emerging as one of the most dynamic small presses in Canada, with works that have received Governor General’s nominations and awards alike this past year.

For a limited time, the Argo will be hosting a table devoted to the productions of this fine publisher. We currently carry the following 11 titles:

Philip Hall’s Killdeer

Kate Eichorn’s Fieldnotes, a Forensic

H.D.’s Narthex & Other Stories

Erin Moure’s Pillage Laud

Meredith Quartermain’s Recipes from the Red Planet

Angela Carr’s The Rose Concordance

Jørgen Leth’s Trivial Everyday Things

Mark Goldsteins’s Tracelanguage

Bryan Sentes’ March End Prill

Catherine Mavrikakis’ Flowers of Spit


bp Nichol’s The Captain Poetry Poems Complete

BookThug’s publisher, Jay MillAr, has been working within and with the streams and communities of contemporary and experimental poetry in Canada for over fifteen years (we’re currently carrying his Mycological Studies and The Small Blue: Poems). A devoted soul if there ever was one: He is the author of five books, published by Coach House Books, Nightwood Editions, Mercury Press, and Snare Books; the co-editor of the magazine BafterC; and the propreitor of the online/itinerant bookstore Apollinaire’s Bookshoppe. He works alongside the accomplished and prolific (and beautiful!) editor and poet Jenny Sampirisi. Check out her online lit magazine Other Cl/utter, which displays superb plays with image and language, here.

Anyone looking for exciting and daring contemporary poetry from this country should check it out!

…Still skeptical? Let the authors of these fine books speak for themselves here, on BookThug’s website.

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