Thursday, March 22nd: Marielle Teasdale reads from ‘Undercurrents’

On Thursday, March 22nd we will be graced by the author Marielle Teasdale, who will be reading from her first book Undercurrents. It’s the story of Julia, a 36-year-old woman leaving urbania for what seems to be the greener pastures of art and rural settings, but gets more than she bargained for.

“Julia’s move to Hudson is an attempt to escape from the past, but she learns that we always carry the past with us. Whenever  her paintbrush touches the canvas, lost memories and truths she has avoided for years come flooding back to her with startling clarity. She must draw on her close friends – both old and new – and draw on untapped resources to find a path through the darkness to a more fulfilling life.

As Julia meets and comes to know Stone, the enigmatic owner of the art supply store where she buys her canvases, and Jane, the proprietor of the local coffee shop, she will come to trust those relationships in her time of need. Written to engage, entertain and inspire, the novel is intended for all readers interested in tales of soul-searching and personal discovery.”

Both a wonderful painter and now a entertaining author to boot, the Argo is pleased to have Teasdale come read. The doors will be open at 7PM to receive an audience, and the reader will promptly begin at 7:30. The author will be signing copies of her book (selling for $15), and wine will be served.

Hope to see you there!

Undercurrents by Marielle Teasdale
Undercurrents: Reading & Signing
March 22nd @ 7:30PM
Free to to all
($15 per copy of the book)

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