Argo Open Mic #5: Wednesday, April 18th @ 7PM

It’s that time of the month again! Wednesday, April 18th!
Present your written work and music at the Argo Bookshop’s monthly Open Mic! Poetry, prose, drama, essays and music are all welcome, rough or polished drafts.

Tell your friends and family, all are welcome. Doors are open and the sign-up sheet begins at 7PM. The reading will begin at 7:30PM… and if you can’t make it, invite some of your Montreal pals out in your stead!

And if this won’t be your cup of tea, check out Art’s Stars in Hollywood-Screening and readings @ 2 rue Sainte-Catherine Est, local 301, Montréal ( It takes place at 5PM, so you could fit both into your evening for a full-bodied soiree of unbridled fun!

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