National Poetry Month Sale!


April is National Poetry Month!

We here at the Argo are celebrating by offering
a 20% discount off all poetry throughout the month.

Check out our great selection of
national and international titles…

Rumi! Wendell Berry! Zach Wells! Norm Sibum! Irving Layton! Bryan Sentes! Gerard Hopkins! Don Coles! Ezra Pound! Anglea Carr! Gillian Sze! Petrarch! Edmund Spenser! Erin Moure! Ken Babstock! Christian Bok! Robert Lowell! John Donne! Jack Kerouac! Dante! Phil Hall! Michael Ondaatje! Jorge Luis Borges! Osip Mandelshtam! Baudelaire! Asa Boxer! Allen Ginsberg! E.J. Pratt! Pablo Neruda! Carmine Starnino! Goethe! Gary Synder! Basho! Jay MillAr! Homer! Robert Frost! Mark Goldstein! Chaucer! bp Nichol! E.E. Cummings! Robbie Burns! William Blake! Wallace Stevens! D.H. Lawrence! Gregory Corso! Langston Hughes! Robinson Jeffers! John Milton! Arthur Rimbaud! John Dryden! John Keats! Christopher Logue! Jon Paul Fiorentino! Rilke! Kate Eichorn!…

…and much, much more!

Just so you know, if we don’t have the poetry you’re looking for,

we can order it for you, also at 20% off!

Come on in before it’s too late!

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