The Argo Bookshop Presents: A John Glassco Soirée

In collaboration with the Writers’ Chapel of St. James the Apostle, the Argo Bookshop will be presenting an evening of discussion devoted to the life and work of CanLit’s last decadent, the infamous Montreal memoirist, poet, translator and pornographer John Glassco. The discussion will be held by editor and poet Carmine Starnino alongside scholar and author Brian Busby on Friday, April 27th @ 7PM, located at 1439 Sainte-Catherine Street West.

To celebrate the release of two new books devoted to Glassco, ‘John Glassco and the Other Montreal’ (a new selected poems/essay edited and selected by Carmine Starnino) and Brian Busby’s lauded authoritative biography ‘A Gentleman of Pleasure’ (currently a finalist for the Gabrielle Roy Prize for Canadian Literary Criticism), the two authors of said books will be holding a lively discussion on Glassco’s work. Among these fantastic authors, there will be surprise guests!

Wine and food will be served, admission is free, and the following three books will be for sale, which can be purchased for $85, saving $10:

1. “John Glassco and the Other Montreal“, selections and essay by Carmine Starnino and an original portrait by Wesley W. Bates… This limited edition book is one of the few collections of Glassco’s work currently available. “The bindings and print are made with archival and acid-free 80 lb. Mohawk Eggshell Text. Typeset in ‘Filosofia’ designed by Zuzana Licko of Émigré Fonts with titling in ‘Tisa’ designed by Mitja Miklavcic. 88 pgs.” (Frog Hollow Press)

The price is $35 ($5 off the online price).

2. “A Gentleman of Pleasure: One Life of John Glassco, Poet, Memoirist, Translator, and Pornographer” by Brian Busby… “In a lively account of a man given to deception, who took delight in hoaxes, Busby manages to substantiate many of the often unreliable statements Glassco made about his life and work. A Gentleman of Pleasure is a remarkable biography that captures the knowable truth about a fascinatingly complex and secretive man.” (McGill-Queens Univeristy Press)

The price $40 for the hardcover edition (paperback has not been released).

3. “Memoirs of Montparnasse” by John Glassco, “…a delicious book about being young, restless, reckless, and without cares. It is also the best and liveliest of the many chronicles of 1920s Paris and the exploits of the lost generation. In 1928, nineteen-year-old John Glassco escaped Montreal and his overbearing father for the wilder shores of Montparnasse. He remained there until his money ran out and his health collapsed, and he enjoyed every minute of his stay. Remarkable for their candor and humor, Glassco’s memoirs have the daft logic of a wild but utterly absorbing adventure, a tale of desire set free that is only faintly shadowed by sadness at the inevitable passage of time.” (New York Times Book Review)

The price is $20.

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