May 10th: Jason Price Everett Gives a Sneak Preview Reading of Hypodrome


“Begin anywhere. Stop anywhere. Everything that can possibly be written now is a drop of rain upon its vast syncretic ocean. The interior of this network is the ur -Art: permanent and all-devouring until the power goes out. A universal forced collaboration consuming the individual artist, drowning out spirit and talent alike against the background tone, incorporating everything that can be communicated into that which we do not have a name for yet, as art. Self-induced personalized sequences of aesthetic meaning – arranged at will. Incorporeal tesserae for the personalized mosaic of a deity. This future of our shared media Byzantium is obscenely bright.”

– Jason Price Everett, Hypodrome

On May 24th, Jason Price Everett (author of Unfictions, 8th House Publishing 2009) will be launching a book of poetry tracing his writing from 1990 to 2010 at Casa del Popolo.


In anticipation of this event, Jason Price Everett has decided to give a sneak preview of his work at the Argo Bookshop! If you won’t be able to make it to the launch, it’s highly recommended you try to come to this and enjoy his provocative work!
To get a preemptive sense of his work, co-owner Jesse Eckerlin of the Argo has said that Everett is an author whose notes on today’s continuing transition into the increasingly technological will hopefully be present as time goes on. Everett is a “…trickster, social critic, collagist, plunderer and pirate, reigning over his intricate gallery of unmitigated chaos and grotesques, where one might be forgiven for finding an exit, but never quite offered up the key.” (Antigonish Review, Issue 167, Autumn 2011)

Open and free to all, the reading starts at 7PM. Hope to see you there!

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