May 2012 Update with Newsletter

Hello folks! Here’s our Argo Bookshop May 2012 Newsletter (just click on the link). If you’d like to receive our newsletter by email, just send us an email at  Here’s some shop news for the month:

Book of the Month (20% off!): The Foucault Reader

One of the most influential thinkers of the contemporary world, Michel Foucault’s work has affected disciplines ranging from literary criticism to the history of criminology. The Foucault Readeroffers an excellent introduction to the entire body of his work, containing selections from each area of the man’s work, as well as previously unpublished writings including the preface to the long-awaited second volume of The History of Sexuality and interviews with Foucault himself.

His philosophy is comprised of a fantastic intellectual breadth, stemming from a minute and ongoing investigation of the nature of power in society. Foucault’s analyses of power as it manifests itself in the organized forms that compose society (schools, factories, the family schema, etc.) are brought together in The Foucault Reader, creating an overview of his perspectives on power, and the broad social and political visions that underlie them.


Sale of the Month: 20% off Literary Classics
Dickens, Gogol, Hawthorne, Tolstoy, Zola, Austen, Dreiser, James, Hardy, Hugo, Dumas, Eliot, Bronte, Sacher-Masoch, Pushkin, Bunyan, Balzac, DeFoe, Flaubert, DeQuincey, Trollope, Melville, Conrad, Chopin, Stern, Cervantes, Swift, Kipling, Poe, Stendhal, Thackeray, Cooper… Come by the shop to peruse our Old Favourites section!


Hope to see you in the shop!

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