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Hey everyone! Hope your summers are going well.

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June was good to us (save for the heat waves), and we can’t wait for all of the great stuff coming up in July. The store’s got a new New Arrivals section and we gave the ol’ girl a new paint job, so things are looking up and feeling great.

Again, just so you all know, the sun is up later, so we’re open a bit later: We’re now open from Thursdays to Saturdays until 8PM. We hope you’ll find the time to come by the shop this month to check out our sales and some of the planned performances, all of which are listed in the link. If you don’t receive our newsletter, but would like to, send us an email: argobookshop [at] gmail [dot] com

Section Sale of the Month Continues! All Biographies from 20-50% off

Consider the life and times of a favourite author, politician, wiseman, musician(s), civilized ruffian, violent libertine or upstanding humanitarian for your summer reading: Faulkner, Nabokov, Robertson Davies, Solzhenitsyn, Leonard Cohen, Walt Whitman, John Glassco, John Fante, Primo Levi, Martin Luther, Outkast, D.H. Lawrence, de Sade, Henry James, Oscar Wilde, Norman Bethune, Modest Mouse, Rilke, George Thackaray, Thoreau, Stephen Leacock, Confucius…the whole section is marked, from 20 to 50% off original price.


 Book of the Month: Lars Iyer’s Spurious – 20% off



In a raucous debut that summons up Britain’s fabled Goon Show comedies, writer and philosopher Lars Iyer tells the story of someone very like himself with a “slightly more successful” friend and their journeys in search of more palatable literary conferences where they serve better gin.

Another reason for their journeys: the narrator’s home is slowly being taken over by a fungus that no on seems to know what to do about. Before it completely swallows his house, the narrator feels compelled to solve some major philosophical questions (such as “Why?”) and the meaning of his urge to write, as well as the source of the fungus…before it’s too late. Or, he has to move.

LARS IYER is a lecturer in philosophy at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. He is the author of two books on Blanchot (Blanchot’s Communism: Art, Philosophy, Politics and Blanchot’s Vigilance: Phenomenology, Literature, Ethics) and his blog Spurious.

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