Argo Co-Owner Jesse Eckerlin launches his debut poetry collection ‘We Are Not the Bereaved’ with Jim Johnstone & Shane Neilson

On Saturday July 14th, Argo Co-Owner Jesse Eckerlin will be launching his debut poetry collection We Are Not the Bereaved (Frog Hollow Press, 2012) alongside Shane Neilson and Jim Johnstone! Doors @ 8:00PM & Reading @ 8:30PM. The admission is FREE: Refreshments will be served.

 Here’s a write-up on Jesse’s book, care of Shane Neilson:

“Jesse Eckerlin’s debut chapbook, We Are Not The Bereaved, has no trace of apprenticeship or lack of development. He has left the struggling find-a-voicers behind, once and for all. On a poem-by-poem level, the book feels as if the poet is deep into a career. Every poem is sonically constructed and carefully planned. Some poems prefer the ethereal density of thought; others prefer the slapping of syllabics and sound; some want to ramble and roughneck, others wish to get right to the point of something small, beautiful, and sad.
Eckerlin pays homage to a unique catalogue of influences, ventriloquizing, modifying, mixing and ultimately weaving together a book that compares favourably to any debut this country’s seen. A single chapbook does not constitute a trajectory, but it is my hope that in ten or twenty years We Are Not The Bereaved contains the fire and pulse of a life lived entire in poetry.”

And here’s some info about the poets reading alongside Jesse:

Jim Johnstone (born 1978) is a reproductive physiologist and Canadian poet. He was born in Stouffville, Ontario and is the author of three collections of poetry: Sunday, the locusts (Tightrope Books, 2011), Patternicity (Nightwood Editions, 2010) and The Velocity of Escape (Guernica Editions, 2008).

Johnstone’s work has received numerous awards including Arc Poetry Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Award, a CBC Literary Award, the E. J. Pratt Medal and Prize in Poetry, The Ralph Gustafson Poetry Award, and he won This Magazine’s Great Canadian Literary Hunt.
Currently, Johnstone edits Misunderstandings Magazine, a literary journal he founded with Ian Williams and Vicki Sloot in 2005, and is the poetry editor for Cactus Press.


Shane Neilson (born 1975) is a Canadian physician, author and poet. Neilson was born in New Brunswick, Canada and trained in Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine, followed by Memorial University of Newfoundland. He currently has a medical practice in Erin, and lives with his family in Guelph, Ontario.

His books of poetry include Complete Physical, Meniscus and Exterminate My Heart. In 2010, Neilson won Arc Poetry Magazine’s 15th annual Poem of the Year contest. He has also published two books of non-fiction: 2006’s Call Me Doctor, and 2011’s Gunmetal Blue.
In addition to poetry, Neilson is a notable critic known for his incisive reviews and essays as well as the poetry editor for Frog Hollow Press, which has published work by Mark Anthony Jarman, Alexander MacLeod, Alden Nowlan, A.F. Moritz and many others in fine hand-sewn, letter-pressed editions under his steerage.

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  1. […] that I received a copy of the book of poems written by Jesse while he was with us, titled, “We are not the bereaved.” Here is an excerpt from one of his poems. If you are in Montreal, you can obtain a copy […]

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