Tacitus in the Afternoon

Congrats to Montreal’s Norm Sibum whose “Tacitus in the Afternoon” was chosen as this past weekend’s Gazette Books Section “Poem of the Month”. The full version can be found in Sibum’s most recent book, Sub Divo, of which we have several copies at the shop. We also have a generous selection of his backlist. Sibum’s corrosive epistolary poems are highly recommended to lovers of challenging narrative poetry and enthusiasts  of Greco-Roman history both.

Here’s a taste:

“Prayer? Why pray, the gods giving you their backsides?
High on its own worst instincts, the world runs
Proudly supreme, runs roughshod a while
Over those beningly asleep, who hurt no one, who maim all,-
Over the wishful dreamers blind to the writing
On the wall, for whom there’s always time
To shop for the best judgment and best justice,
Who intend great things and set loose chaos
In hearts and minds.”



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