Two Events This Week: L.S. Cattarini & Argo Featured Reading #12

Hello everyone! Consider coming out to one of our two upcoming events this week:


On November 16 @ 8:00PM, L.S. Cattarini will be presenting a lecture on his book of essays, poems, letters, short stories and aphorisms, Beyond Satre and Sterility (Action Printing, 2002). Cattarini’s book argues that we have inherited a void of existentialism, and a philosophy derived from angst. How can one still interpret these ideas ‘sanely’? Cattarini examines the work of Sartre and “reaches beyond the sterility of existentialism towards more spiritual outlooks. To refuse Sartre means freeing yourself from the Medusa of modern thought by opposing his bleak realism with a bolder vitality… With substantial help from Marcel, Kierkegaard and Hamann, this book attempts to defend the human soul against any manipulation – even by humanists. Or is faith indistinguishable from the mind-set we call hope? Does conscience precede consciousness or must we surrender to nihilism?”



Argo Featured Reading #12: Linda Besner & Michael Harris
Saturday, November 17
Doors @ 8PM, Event @ 8:30PM
On November 17th @ 8PM, the Argo Bookshop will be presenting Linda Besner & Michael Harris, two poets from our featured publisher, Vehicule Press.
Linda Besner, who has published her work and reviews widely in Canada, will be reading from her first book of poems The Id Kid (2011), a promising debut full of poetic experiments with broad, omnivorous subject matter. As Michael Lista wrote in the National Post: “Readers aren’t likely to encounter poems as idiosyncratic or sui generis as Besner’s… She writes in her own distinct strain of that heavily accented Anglo-Saxon diction imported from Hopkins and made ubiquitous in this country by Lilburn, Babstock, Solie, Ormsby, Bök and Dodds.”

A two-time winner of the CBC Literary Competition, Michael Harris will be reading from his first new collection in 18 years since his Selected Poems of 2002, Circus (2010). Shortlisted for both the Governor General’s Award for English Poetry and the QWF A.M. Klein Prize for Poetry, Circus juxtaposes the absurd and carnivalesque qualities of performance with the everyday, revealing a degree of humour, playfulness and insight readers may not have experienced in Harris’s earlier work, with surprising metaphors and rollicking non-sequitur.

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