Book of the Month: Hush Hush by Steven Barthelme

“With great humor and insight, [Hush Hush] explores the psyche of desperate people striving to connect, with others and with themselves.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

If you haven’t yet checked out our December book-of-the-month, we highly suggest that you do. Hush Hush is the second collection of short-stories from Steven Barthelme, the youngest brother in one of the most achieved families of fiction writers in American literature.

The stories in Hush Hush are simultaneously moving, funny, and spiked with just the right amount of perversity and strangeness. They are quirky and satiric without being glib, heartfelt and earnest without being sentimental, and their fidelity to the ordinary madness of the mundane is rendered with an empathetic eye and superb minimalist prose.

The range in Hush Hush recalls everything from Raymond Carver to Alice Munro, with occasional nods to the post-modern mischief of his brothers Donald and Frederick, making it the perfect gift for any lover of short-stories. And, for those of you who love literature but are strapped for cash, it’s 20% off until Christmas, making it around the same price as two pints. And which will prove better company the morning after?… I thought so.

Get a taste of the knee-slapping “Heaven” here, kindly posted in its entirety by the folks at  Melville House.

– Jesse


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