Events for February: Argo Featured Reading #14 & Argo Open Mic


Argo Featured Reading #14:

Joel Asa Miller, Nyla Matuk and Jacob Wren

Friday, February 22nd , Doors @ 7:30PM, Event @ 8PM



Joel-Asa Miller was born in New York City and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Washington, DC. He drove cab, operated punch presses, welded iron castings and spent 10 years as an assembler in a General Motors plant outside of Milwaukee where he also was an activist in the United Autoworker of America. Since moving to Montreal nearly 14 years ago, Joel produced over 40 documentaries and co-wrote a Quebec produced feature film in addition to developing new media projects for local and international clients. He is currently working on a body of short fiction based on the many interesting characters he’s met along the way.


Nyla Matuk is the author of the poetry chapbook Oneiric (Frog Hollow Press 2009) and a first-full length collection of poetry, Sumptuary Laws(Vehicule Press 2012). Her poems have appeared in Maisonneuve, The Walrus, Canadian Notes and Queries, ARC Poetry, PRISM, the Literary Review of Canada, The Best Canadian Poetry in English 2012, and elsewhere. Last year, two of her poems were shortlisted for the inaugural Walrus Poetry Prize.

“Sumptuary Laws
, Nyla Matuk’s first full-length collection, is a work of irresistible originality. Taking as her inspiration the feudal rules that once enforced social rank by legistating what a person was permitted to wear and eat, Matuk discovers a new metaphor for contemporary desire and explores, in wildly imaginative and linguistically daring poems, the 21st century “sumptuary laws” that dictate our divisions of luxury and necessity, splendour and squalor. A poet of immense gifts, Matuk has written a book of lasting impact.” (Vehicule Press)

Here’s a review of Nyla’s book.


Jacob Wren is a writer and performance artist. His books include Unrehearsed Beauty (Coach House Books 1998), Families Are Formed Through Copulation (Pedlar Press 2007) and Revenge Fantasies of the Politically Dispossessed (Pedlar Press 2010). He travels internationally with alarming frequency and frequently writes about contemporary art.

Set in a dystopian near-future, Revenge Fantasies of the Politically Dispossessed is a kind of post-capitalist soap opera about a group of people who regularly attend ‘the meetings.’ At the meetings they have agreed to talk, and only talk, about how to re-ignite the left, for fear if they were to do more, if they were to actually engage in real acts of resistance or activism, they would be arrested, imprisoned, or worse. Revenge Fantasies… asks us to think about why so many of us today, even those with a genuine interest in political questions, feel so deeply powerless to change and affect the world that surrounds us, suggesting that, even within such feelings of relative powerlessness, there can still be energizing surges of emancipation and action.



Argo Open Mic #14

Thursday, February 28th @ 7:30PM


Montrealers, come read some of your work for 5 to 10 minutes at the Argo Open Mic! With every month, this event has been steadily growing in size and talent. Feel free to come out and share some of your writing or music, bring your friends and enjoy the evening.


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