New & Latest Arrivals – 06/04/2013

A lot of really fantastic stuff just came in. Here’s our newest and latest arrivals from April 6th, with 8 additions to our growing selection of Penguin’s Great Ideas series, including works from Lenin, Machiavelli (not The Prince), De Montaigne and Achebe, who recently passed away. We’ve got more poetry for our National Poetry Month Sale (20% off all poetry), with sleek installments of the new NYRB Poets Series and new novels by James Salter and Sonali Deraniyagala! Check it out, they’re all located below the first photo.

Click on a title of a book in the following lists to view information on that title, or take a look at them in our catalogue.

New Penguin Great Ideas:




  • Wave by Sonali Deraniyagala


Poetry (20% off this month!):



Children’s Literature:


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