New & Latest Arrivals – 16/04/2013


G’day Montreal! As you’ll see below, all kinds of fantastic books have just arrived and are ripe for the taking. Our National Poetry Month sale continues, with 20% off any in-stock poetry title, so take a look at the 15 titles we’ve brought in. Other points of interest are (not limited to) new novels and social criticism, along with a re-print of the tried & true favourite by Porcupine’s Quill, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland complete with wood engravings by George A. Walker.

So scroll on down like the price is right! Click on a photo for a closer look, click the title of a book to view information on that title, or just take a look at them in our catalogue (recommended for price checks).




Poetry (20% off this month!)

  • Err by Shane Rhodes


Children’s Lit


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