National Poetry Month Recommendations #6

Jesse Recommends:

Frederick Seidel’s Nice Weather.




“Because this is the latest offering by a poet who for 50+ years has provided an antidote to “the blandly vegan compound of contemporary poetry” (Michael Hofmann) and who continues to redefine the meaning of high stakes by having the gall to publish such lines as “I see the psalm and it’s a woman’s labia, / My pornographically all-mine Arabia”. Of course haters will hate, but Seidel’s exquisitely mannered, simultaneously harrowing and comic poems transcend the simple shock value of his imitators to provide an exhilaration usually reserved for high speed chases. To the charge that he has lapsed into self-parody with this collection, Seidel has choice words: “I impersonate myself and here I am, / Prick pointing at the moon, teeth sunk into your calf.” Get on Seidel’s Poetry Ducati and accelerate toward the stars – “Hauteur is the new hot.”


& remember:

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