Phil Hall to Launch The Small Nouns Crying Faith with the Argo!


Big news! Great news! Read on!

On Thursday May 16th at the Atwater Library, the Argo and the QWF will be presenting the Montreal launch of Phil Hall‘s new book of poems The Small Nouns Crying Faith, published by Toronto’s very own BookThug. And it won’t be like any other: On top of a reading, we’ll have an in-house interview between Phil and Angela Carr! Refreshments! A soirée of literature!

The first word in this new collection by Phil Hall is “raw” and the last word is “blurtip.” Between these, many nouns cry faith within a hook-less framework that sings in chorus while undermining such standard forms & tropes as “the memoir,” “genealogy” and “the shepherd’s calendar.” With a rural pen, these poems talk frogs, carrots, local noises, partial words, remnants, dirt roads, deep breath & hope…”   – BookThug


For any and all interested parties: If you pre-order a copy of The Small Nouns Crying Faith with us now, you can receive the book at 10% off! Feel free to call, email, message us or just talk to us in person if you’re interested.


You can find the event’s listing on Facebook. Feel free to invite your friends, family and acquaintances!



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