Poetry Panda-monium this Sunday

Poetry Panda-monium!: Launching Six New Poetry Titles

Sunday, May 5th @ 7PM

The Sparrow, 5322 St. Laurent Blvd.

As a denouement to National Poetry Month, six poets from three indie presses—Montreal’s Vehicule Press, Toronto’s Coach House Books and Fredericton’s Goose Lane Editions—will be reading together in one fell swoop at The Sparrow, a beautiful bar on St. Laurent on May 5th. The six-fold launch will include debut books and long-awaited collections from Adrienne Barrett, Andrew Faulkner, Carmelita McGrath, Robert Moore, Deena Kara Shaffer and David Seymour. Furthermore, guests are encouraged to wear black and white in honor of the Harper government’s love for the bamboo-chewing bear. Hope you can make it, as we’ll be handling the book table.

Here’s the Poetry Panda-monium line-up:

Adrienne Barrett: The first book from Adrienne Barrett, The house is still standing (Goose Lane Editions), peopled with charlatans, gingerbread men, children and savants. (The) poems deke and swerve, from the wry to the theatrical to the intimate.

Andrew Faulkner: Debut poet Andrew Faulkner will unleash Need Machine (Coach House Books), a collection of poems about hangovers, house parties, cities, syndicated television, and even baseball pitcher Roy Halladay!

Carmelita McGrath: The long awaited follow-up to McGrath’s Atlantic Poetry Prize-winning collection To the New World, Escape Velocity (Goose Land Editions) culls overlooked fragments from our domestic lives and ferries them on unpredictable journeys. A conversation with a telemarketer becomes a monologue on overcoming loss, stray animals provoke cautionary tales shared between generations of women, and junk mail fosters a meditation on necessity, debt and the inevitability of death.

Robert Moore: The fourth collection from Moore asks the question, if cows could talk, what would they say? The Golden Book of Bovinities (Vehicule Press) represents the collective wisdom of centuries of bovine self-awareness and contains some of the freshest, funniest, most startling poetry you will (have) ever read.

Deena Kara Shaffer: The debut poet’s book, The Grey Tote (Vehicule Press), is a collection of elegies on the death, in quick succession, of her father and mother. Scorning easy consolations, Shaffer’s poems are witty, epigrammatic, rhythmic, spiked with grief but ultimately dry-eyed ‘lessons in goodbye.’

David Seymour: Acclaimed poet and film industry worker David Seymour will launch For Display Purposes Only (Coach House Books), poems that pause for the spectacle: cloning technologies, super-slo-mo photography, narcotic cab rides. These poems are paeans to our facility for duplicity and self-deception, in which the act of living becomes more and more like a movie we’re not in.


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