Argo Bookshop Newsletter: June 2013 + New & Latest Arrivals 04/06/2013

Well, May has come and gone, and we have stepped into the tentatively summery month of June. May, we had some good times, full of great readings and lots of really fantastic books coming in through our doors, but June is promising no less: This month we have Phil Hall‘s The Small Nouns Crying Faith as our Book of the Month, our bi-monthly Book Club meeting for Tove Jansson‘s The True Deceiver is coming up on June 26th, and our Featured Readers will be authors Peter Dubé, Donald McGrath & Harold Hoefle. Read on for more details, or just download a copy of the June Newsletter here: Argo Bookshop Newsletter – June 2013


New & Latest Arrivals 

Literature & Poetry

  • No Man is an Island by Thomas Merton
  • The Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton


Women’s Studies






Social Science




Book of the Month: 20% off Phil Hall’s The Small Nouns Crying Faith

The Small Nouns Crying Faith by Phil Hall“The first word in this new collection by Phil Hall is “raw” and the last word is “blurtip.” Between these, many nouns cry faith within a hook-less framework that sings in chorus while undermining such standard forms & tropes as “the memoir,” “genealogy” and “the shepherd’s calendar.” With a rural pen, these poems talk frogs, car-rots, local noises, partial words, remnants, dirt roads, deep breath & hope…” — BookThug

Since our Featured Reading with Phil in May, we wanted to continue putting this book into people’s hands. It’s fantastic from start to finish, full of witty, lyrical play and honest meditations. Additionally, each copy comes with a limited edition chapbook entitled Faith, a long poem culled together from lines of the book’s separate pieces.
We’d recommend this book to all lovers of Hall’s previous works, who will enjoy this extension of the poet’s oeuvre, and for first-timers looking to read one of Canada’s best poets writing today. Give it a shot: During the month of June, you can pick it up at 20% off the retail price!
Phil Hall was the 2011 winner of the Governor General’s Literary Award for Poetry in English for his book of essay-poems, Killdeer. In 2012, Killdeer also won Ontario’s Trillium Book Award, an Alcuin Design Award, and was nominated for the Griffin Poetry Prize.


Book Club Update

Our next read will be The True Deceiver, by the Swedish novelist and children’s author Tove Jansson:

“ Snow has been falling on the village all winter long. It covers windows and piles up in front of doors. The sun rises late and sets early, and even during the day there is little to do but trade tales. This year everybody’s talking about Katri Kling and Anna Aemelin. Katri is a yellow-eyed outcast who lives with her simpleminded brother and a dog she refuses to name. She has no use for the white lies that smooth social intercourse, and she can see straight to the core of any problem. Anna, an elderly children’s book illustrator, appears to be Katri’s opposite: a respected member of the village, if an aloof one. Anna lives in a large empty house, venturing out in the spring to paint exquisitely detailed forest scenes. But Anna has something Katri wants, and to get it Katri will take control of Anna’s life and livelihood. By the time spring arrives, the two women are caught in a conflict of ideals that threatens to strip them of their most cherished illusions. ” (NYRB)

On June 26th, we’ll get together to discuss the book over some drinks. Everyone’s welcome, and anyone partaking receives a 15% discount off the book.

If you would like to join in for our monthly discussions, send an email to in order to receive regular updates.



News for upcoming events coming soon!

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