Newsletter for July 2013 + Event Listings

Happy July, everyone! Hope you all had a slammin’ Canada Day. Fun fact involving urban myths of Montreal: Did you know that Montreal’s “version” of July 1st, Moving Day, is not established out of an anti-anglo sentiment? You can read even more about it in this article from Cult #MTL.

Anyway, let’s get down to brass tacks. If you’d like your very own copy of our newsletter for July, just click the following link: Argo Bookshop Newsletter – July 2013

In it, you’ll find out about our new Book of the Month, our next Book Club book, our plans for the Ste. Catherine Street Sale, the promising upcoming events, and even plans for August! Stay tuned.


Event #1

Melinda Cochrane launches She’s an Island Poet

Thursday, July 4th

Doors at 7PM, Event at 7:30PM


Inspirational speaker, writer and publisher Melinda Cochrane will be launching her book of poems She’s an Island Poet at the Argo Bookshop. Recently longlisted for the Fermoy International Poetry Contest, Melinda’s latest book is “lyrical and deeply evocative… call(ing) demons to the dance floor and brings the mighty to their knees” (Dr. Ellyn Lyle). In this collection of poetry and poetic prose, she gently but vigilantly reminds both herself and us not of a distant place beyond or a place without, but instead perhaps in each of us a place within. For more information, check out her website.



Michael Mirolla presents The Giuoli Metaphysics III (stories) 

Sunday, July 21st, 6PM

The Giuoli Metaphysics III: “A character named Giulio frees himself from his creator in order to write his own story, only to find himself lost and confused, unable at times to recall his own name. He wanders through landscapes both familiar and alien, struggling to return home. Each story creates a new character, and each character is named Giulio. This neither signifies nor denies any essential connection: each Giulio is unique, each is universal. Each Giulio is every-man and no-man.” (Leapfrog Press)

Set in the Montreal neighborhood of Park Ex, this phantasmagorical novel tells the story of Giulio, a man in much more trouble than he understands. He has to contend with his large Italian family, including an angry father; disturbed, self-pitying mother; and absent wife and children. And in a metaphysical twist, Giulio is having issues with the author of his own story. Fleeing his creator, he attempts to move with the aid of a magical bus “through the crumbling wall” to Toronto and gain some measure of agency for himself. Beckettian absurdity and a highly experimental style make Mirolla’s unconventional novel compelling and thought provoking. - Publishers Weekly


Born in Italy, and arriving in Canada at the age of five, Michael Mirolla calls himself a Montreal-Toronto corridor writer (because he spends so much time travelling between the two cities). He’s a prolifically published and oft-awarded novelist, short story writer, poet and playwright.



Argo Featured Reading #19:

Toronto-based poets Jim Smith & Peter Norman!

Thursday, July 25th: Doors @ 7:30PM, Reading @ 8PM

Location: A Loft! 3035 St. Antoine, apt. #73 (438–873–0342)


On Thursday, July 25th at a delightful loft located at 3035 St. Antoine (apt. #73), the Argo will be hosting an evening of poetry with Mansfield poets Jim Smith and Peter Norman. There will be a bar for refreshments and books for sale. Hope you can make it! Below are details on each author and their latest books:


Jim Smith (no, not this Jim Smith) is a poet. You may know of his magazine The Front which ran from 1972 to 1980, or his Front Press which published books and pamphlets from amazing writers such as bpNichol, Stuart Ross, Wayne Clifford and David W. McFadden. Between 1979 and 1998, Smith published about half a dozen books of poetry, plus a number of chapbooks and ephemera.

Happy Birthday, Nicanor Parra (Mansfield Press 2012) is “Bursting with anti-translations, non-stories, tiny lyrics and extended dictations, it is part birthday gift-bag, part writer’s memento mori. Smith takes hero worship, the urge to list, the longing for just a few more words from the dead, the little baby Josef Stalin and a microdot Bible salesman to places no one else could imagine. This is Smith is at his most poetic and his most political.”


Peter Norman is a novelist and poet. He was born and raised in Vancouver, where he completed a Creative Writing BFA at the University of British Columbia. His poetry and fiction have appeared in several periodicals and anthologies, including Jailbreaks: 99 Canadian Sonnets and the 2008 and 2009 editions of The Best Canadian Poetry. His first novel, Emberton, was published in 2012 from Douglas & McIntyre.

He will be presenting Water Damage (Mansfield Press 2013), his second collection of work from Mansfield, filled with “mad sonnets, outrageous prose poems, anagrammatic acrobatics, dark tributes, found poems, and many other experiments in form and story-telling.”


Argo Open Mic #19

Wednesday, July 31st  

Doors@ 7PM, Reading @ 7:30PM


It’s our nineteenth Open Mic!


They just keep coming and coming: More and more people are joining in to participate with their music, poetry, prose and anecdotes at our Open Mic! Montrealers, come read some of your work for 5 to 10 minutes. For those of you who might not know: Every month, the Argo Bookshop hosts this open venue for people to share their writing, music, articles and comedy. Bring your friends and enjoy the evening!

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