October 1st: Zack Berger, M.D. Presents his book ‘Talking to Your Doctor’

On Tuesday, October 1st, Zack Berger, M.D. will be dropping into the shop (1915 Ste. Catherine West) to present his book Talking to Your Doctor: A Patient’s Guide to Communication in the Exam Room. The doors for the reading will open at 7PM, and the reading will begin at 7:30PM.

A practising primary care and internal medicine doctor, author and assistant professor at John Hopkins University for medical students and residents, Zack Berger has written his book in order to present new pathways of communication to help improve not just one’s experience in the doctor’s office, but one’s own health as well. In short: To forward the importance of medicine based on a communicatively reciprocal doctor-patient relationship.

Berger has researched doctor-patient communication in both clinics and hospitals to understand how our health care system can be made more responsive to ordinary people. Based on his personal expertise and the experiences of his patients, Talking to Your Doctor  informs you on how you can leave the doctor’s office without feeling the disorientation and dissatisfaction one can experience after a visit. After a visit, you may not have asked all the questions you intended to, or you can’t even completely recall what was discussed overall, still feeling as though nothing was solved. Who’s to blame? The doctor? The patient? The healthcare system in general?

With the help of this book, you will:

  • Learn how to talk to your doctor – and get your doctor to talk to you
  • Discover the science of doctor-patient communication to the lay public
  • Remake the relationship with your doctor, and our health care system, on the basis of good communication
  • Make sure your visit with the doctor is productive and meets your needs
  • Help yourself and others avoid over-testing and over-treatment


Hope to see you there!


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