December Newsletter + New & Latest Arrivals – 04/12/13

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If you wish to place a special order with us during the month of December,

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We’ll be closed from December 23rd to January 2nd.

Happy generic winter holiday, everyone! As the winter break approaches, we’ve started to bring in some great gift ideas: There’s Joe Sacco‘s The Great War, a beautiful 24-foot scroll detailing the Battle of the Somme. Books both beautiful and strange have arrived, namely The Tutu: Morals of the Fin de Siècle by Léon Genonceaux (purported to be the strangest novel of the 19th century) and the famous Paris-to-Paris journey of Dr. Faustroll by Alfred Jarry… and finally, we’ve wrangled in a copy of B.S. Johnson‘s The Unfortunates, an experimental book in a box including 25 fragments of a narrative that may be read in any order. And we haven’t even mentioned our selected hardcover sale! Read on for more info.

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  • Light by Souvankham Thammavongsa





20% OFF



Looking for gift ideas? We’ve culled a selection of hardcover books from our shelves to bring you quite the multi-faceted collection. Something for everyone to be sure: There’s literature, philosophy, social sciences, naturalism, religious studies, science, memoirs… You’ll find a hardly-exhaustive list of the selection below. Come by to check out the rest!

Library of America collections of Dos Passos and Melville, David ReesHow to Sharpen Pencils, Julian BarnesLevels of Life, Lisa Moore’s Caught, Jeanette WallsThe Silver Star, Walking on the Land and High Latitudes by Farley Mowat, Jean-Pierre Chretien’s The Great Lakes of Africa, Di Cintio’s Walls: Travels Along the Barricades, Sarah Elton’s Consumed: Food for a Finite Planet, David Mas Masumoto’s Wisdom of the Last Farmer, the Letters of Italo Calvino, Sam ByersIdiopathy, the Later Poems of Adrienne Rich, James Salter’s All That Is, William GassMiddle C



Don’t forget! Our next read is Basti by Intizar Husain:

The Urdu word basti refers to any space, intimate to worldly, and is often translated as “common place” or “a gathering place.”


Basti is a beautifully written reckoning with the tragic history of Pakistan… Intizar Husain’s extraordinary novel begins with a mythic, even mystic, vision of harmony between old and young, man and woman, Muslim and Hindu. Then Zakir, the hero, wakes to the modern world. Crowds gather. Slogans echo. Cities burn. Whether hunkered down with family or furtively meeting to exchange news with friends in cafés, Zakir is alone in a country lost to the politics of loneliness. – NYRB 

We meet bi-monthly, but we’ll be skipping the month of December to recalibrate. So: On January 30th, we’ll get together to discuss the book over some drinks. Everyone’s welcome, and anyone partaking receives a 15% discount off the book. If you would like to join in for our monthly discussions, send an email to argobookshop [at] gmail [dot] com in order to receive regular updates.



 Please note there will be no events in the month of December.

Our scheduled events will resume in January.


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