Happy New Year! January Newsletter + New & Latest Arrivals (01/01/14)



We hope this past year has been a good one, and that you found a happy medium between drinking too much and doing nothing at all (unlike the poor lotus-eater pictured above). Now, with the arrival of the new year comes a new batch of books to kick it off, plus this month’s newsletter to boot! You can summarize the selection below with words like revolutionary (Queen of the Underground), esoteric (House of Leaves), erotic (Bataille), parodic (Snowball’s Chance), steampunk (Luminous Chaos)… but we’ll just let you add your own descriptors. If you want to keep a copy of this month’s newsletter, you can grab one at the following link (just right-click and hit Save As): Argo Bookshop Newsletter – January 2014

It’s textbook season here at the Argo, so this month we won’t be having any events beyond our monthly Argo Open Mic, but stay tuned for more events next month!

Don’t forget: We’ve changed our hours on Saturdays from 12pm-7pm to 12pm-5pm


New & Latest Arrivals

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Book of the Month: 20% off

Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky’s

Autobiography of a Corpse

“The stakes are wildly high in Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky’s fantastic and blackly comic philosophical fables, which abound in nested narratives and wild paradoxes. This new collection of eleven mind-bending and spellbinding tales includes some of Krzhizhanovsky’s most dazzling conceits: a provincial journalist who moves to Moscow finds his existence consumed by the autobiography of his room’s previous occupant; the fingers of a celebrated pianist’s right hand run away to spend a night alone on the city streets; a man’s lifelong quest to bite his own elbow inspires both a hugely popular circus act and a new refutation of Kant. Ordinary reality cracks open before our eyes in the pages of Autobiography of a Corpse, and the extraordinary spills out…

…Krzhizhanovsky’s philosophical and phantasmagorical fictions ignored injunctions to portray the Soviet state in a positive light. Three separate efforts to print collections were quashed by the censors, a fourth by World War II. Not until 1989 could his work begin to be published.” (more info @ NYRB)



Don’t forget! Our next read is Basti by Intizar Husain:

The Urdu word basti refers to any space, intimate to worldly, and is often translated as “common place” or “a gathering place.”


Basti is a beautifully written reckoning with the tragic history of Pakistan… Intizar Husain’s extraordinary novel begins with a mythic, even mystic, vision of harmony between old and young, man and woman, Muslim and Hindu. Then Zakir, the hero, wakes to the modern world. Crowds gather. Slogans echo. Cities burn. Whether hunkered down with family or furtively meeting to exchange news with friends in cafés, Zakir is alone in a country lost to the politics of loneliness. – NYRB 

We meet bi-monthly, but we’ll be skipping the month of December to recalibrate. So: On January 30th, we’ll get together to discuss the book over some drinks. Everyone’s welcome, and anyone partaking receives a 15% discount off the book. If you would like to join in for our monthly discussions, send an email to argobookshop [at] gmail [dot] com in order to receive regular updates.


…and finally:

Argo Open Mic #23

Wednesday, January 29th

@ Argo Bookshop





Montrealers! Come read some of your work for 5 to 10 minutes at our Open Mic! For those of you who might not know : Every month, the Argo Bookshop hosts this open venue for people to share their writing, music, articles and comedy. Bring your friends and enjoy the evening! Make sure to come early to sign up and save yourself a spot!


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