Calling all bibliophiles

The Argo is for sale!

After five wonderful years of living a childhood dream, it is time for me to move on to different pastures.

I’m looking for someone(s) to take over, and keep this little place alive. The Argo is undeniably a historical landmark in the city and I believe independent bookstores are vital to nourishing the spirit of a city.

Anyone who wishes to take up the post in Montreal’s oldest English bookstore, please get in touch via email at

Thank you Montreal, for letting me sit here on Saint Catherine’s and talk about the books I love for this long.

Meaghan Acosta

One comment on “Calling all bibliophiles

  1. Smita Hamzeh says:

    Hi there,
    Am sure you are flooded with responses. I am interested in knowing how much are you asking for Argo?

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