Argo Featured Reading #6: Gabe Foreman & Josh Trotter

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

ArgoFeaturedReading#6 – Joshua Trotter & Gabe Foreman by Argo Bookshop on Mixcloud

On May 23rd, we hosted a reading with Joshua Trotter and Gabe Foreman. They read from their debut collections of work, All This Could Be Yours (Biblioasis 2010) and A Complete Encyclopedia of Different Types of People (Coach House Books 2011) (respectively). Both of these collections have been stupendous entrances into the contemporary landscape, receiving high ‘n’ apt praise for their publications. Here’s some with some extracurricular reading from The National Post, the Montreal Review of Books, & rob mclennan’s blog.

Joshua Trotter’s introduction was written by Jesse Eckerlin, and the recording’s in/outro music was provided by Norm Sibum- the track is called “Poor Boy Poetry”.


“Like the promise of its title, All This Could Be Yours is full of elusive gifts. Joshua Trotter’s debut collection is a metaphysical hall of windows that seem to be mirrors and mirrors presenting themselves as windows. Trotter’s poems—which could be the bastard love-children of Stevens and Frost—refract, reflect and deflect with canny puns and rhymes, the rigour of their forms belying the rogue trickster twists of cockeyed logic they take and the po-faced near-sense in which they speak. Don’t be fooled into thinking these poems glib: Trotter is often most serious precisely at his most blithe; his poems are always thought-full. Full of “intemperate winds / blown thinking from the ledge, through the gap // between the frame and what it haunts for us,” they resist the intelligence, almost successfully, as Stevens said a poem should.” – Biblioasis

Joshua Trotter lives and cooks in Montreal. All This Could Be Yours is his first book. He is likely to be one of the most down-to-earth poets you’ll ever meet.

“Gabe Foreman’s A Complete Encyclopedia of Different Types of People is not your average reference book. It turns a series of sociological case studies into a functional encyclopedia that doubles as a unique, achingly funny, always engaging collection of poems. ‘Bridesmaids,’ ‘Day Traders,’ ‘Entomologists’ and ‘Number Crunchers’ are all dutifully catalogued in a series of luminously strange, compellingly original lyric and prose poems.” – Coach House Books

Gabe Foreman was born in Thunder Bay. He has worked as a tree planter in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. He’s a co-founder of littlefishcartpress, and his writing has appeared in a number of literary journals, including Grain, Fiddlehead and Event. His work placed second in CV2’s two-day poem contest and a selection was shortlisted for the cbc Literary Awards. Currently, he lives in Montreal, where he manages the soup kitchen at a long-established mission.

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